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Variety of Coins

Earn by staking ADA

By staking ADA at our pool you will get all stake minus operating costs of our pool.

Stocks on a Screen

How to stake 

Pleas visit the cardano website for detailed instructions on how to stake ADA.


Who We Are

THOR - The Viking pool was founded in 2020 as pioneers on the new testnet waters of cardano. Our goal is to contributing to securing the Cardano blockchain and as early adopters support the success of the decentralized platform.

We have a solid technical team - where the main architect has over 20 years of experience in the IT industry, with previous involvement in the development of a GPU mining center, staking nodes, and decentralized development projects.
We are interested in cooperating on developing cardano based solutions - so please contact us to connect if you have an idea or capital and we will put our team on it.


Technical specifications

We are running on secured Linux servers in a cloud warehouse in Sweden, and have the possibility to scale to other geographic locations.

The specification can change however the current specification for each of the nodes are: 2 Cores, 4 GB for each of the nodes

We are running one main node and one backup node to step in if the first node fails.


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